OMG chickens are so amazing. Did you know:

Chickens dream!

When chickens sleep they have dreams just like we do. Do you think they dream of the day the battery cage is banned?

A chicken can remember the faces of over 100 other chickens.

They can remember humans too!

Chickens have their own personalities, likes and dislikes.

Just like your dog or cat, chickens are all individuals. Some are cheeky, some are shy. Some are very friendly. Others, not so much. Some like corn ... some LOVE corn :)

They can see colour even better than humans can.

Smartie pantses.

Hens love the sunshine!

Hens love to feel the sun on their feathers. They enjoy cleaning themselves with a 'dust-bath'. And they like to explore the world around them. But hens who live in cages never get to enjoy these simple things.

They like a bit of privacy.

A hen loves nothing more than to build a nest and lay her eggs somewhere private. (But hens in factory farms have to sleep, eat and lay their eggs in a crowded cage.)

Chickens are related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Can you see the family resemblance? But seriously, scientists believe chickens (and other birds) descended from dinosaurs.

Chickens can taste salt in their food and try not to eat it.

But they can't taste sweetness ... because they're sweet enough already ;) (Dad joke!)

Chickens are great mums.

Mother hens cluck to their chicks even before they hatch. And the baby chicks will cluck back! Once they've hatched, she teaches them what to eat and what to avoid. And when her chicks are in danger, she'll come to the rescue to the protect them.

Hens are super smart!

Check out the cool tricks rescued battery hen Little Miss Sunshine can do:

So, how much do think you know about chickens now? Take the quiz to see if you're a chicken egg-spert.

Want to know how you can be a friend to these amazing animals? Click here to become a champion for chickens and help save them from cruelty!

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